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Energy Management

SIETEC Solutionz offers complete solutions for Energy Management .

Today, the ever increasing Electricity and Fuel prices, Manufacturing & process industries are compelled to adopt energy Management & conservation measures to minimize the operating costs and improve production costs.

Companies and plants are forced to monitor and optimize in all angles to ensure cost effective production.

Hence the need to monitor Power ,Compressed Air, Steam & water Consumptions to understand the actual Energy cost for production.

Energy Management

Plant Engineers are often unable to consolidate the actual consumption against the incoming power. Hence the need for continuous and automatic data integration and collection of Energy data is foreseen as the first step to Energy Management.

Power quality monitoring further helps in understanding and predicting the causes for the plant equipment damage and Alerts.

Steam systems represent a large expense for process plants. Monitoring Steam flow and losses is critical for the plants.

Compressed Air and the optimized use of the compressors ensure major Energy savings and hence the need to measure and monitor Compressed Air.

Today wireless and wired Intelligent electrical monitoring systems provides plant electrical information over the LAN, Intranet and Internet.

Areawise consumption reports clearly helps in analysing the areas where attention is required in the plant for Energy optimization.

Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring

Plant data capturing and Data Analytics helps critical and strategic business decisions , Plant Performance Management and helps companies manage and improve product quality, maximize production , Optimize Energy Consumption, Evaluate OEE , minimize production rejects and implement condition-based maintenance programs.