IIOT & Industry 4.0

Sietec Solutionz has a dedicated team of Engineers specializing in Plant Data Integration , Connectivity Solutions , Edge Gateways , IIOT Protocols , Database managements ,Customized reports, Data Analytics for Energy management , Production Monitoring & OEE ,Quality Control reports & machine metrics and Condition Monitoring.

Today we can offer these solutions either as a Cloud based SAAS , Private Cloud or on premises Solutions. We work on data connectivity using LoRa & GSM and other optimized Technologies for remote distribution networks for cloud connectivity and further data analytics.

SIETEC Solutionz ,IIOT Solutions for enterprise-wide real-time information infrastructure helps transform real-data into meaningful & actionable information for operational intelligence and quality and optimized production in Manufacturing plants.
This is necessary to allow our clients to take full advantages of on-going Technology developments that can be used to gain substantial commercial advantage in their day-to-day business.

SIETEC Solutionz , the key differentiator is the combined expertise in Process Automation & Enterprise IT Systems. Such combination of services brings cost savings to the Client and better integration of plant data & data Analytics.

SIETEC Solutionz offers the following Industrial IT services:

  • Interact and understand plant level and Management level pain points in Manufacturing Industries.
  • Design optimized Plant Data Collection (Wireless /Wired) Networks
  • Industrial Data transfer Protocol Integration and Configuration
  • IIOT Sensors / Edge Gateways / IIOT Protocols

IIOT & Industry 4.0

  • Cloud Connectivity /Cloud storage and Computing /Cloud Software Analytics
  • Data Analytics using IIOT Platform and ML ,DL & AI Algorithms.
  • Development of Custom Reporting
  • Maximizing Asset Performance /Predictive maintenance & Process data Utilization;
  • Deployment of Custom Calculations Modules to meet the complex process calculations/monitoring/reporting;
  • Integration of Plant floor data to enterprise systems like SAP, JDE, Oracle and middle-wares like MES etc.,

Plant data capturing and Data Analytics helps critical and strategic business decisions , Plant Performance Management and helps companies manage and improve product quality, maximize production , Optimize Energy Consumption, Evaluate OEE , minimize production rejects and implement condition-based maintenance programs.